The Best Places to Watch Summer Sports

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Summer is the best season to relax and simply have loads of fun. The sun is out, and there are lots of activities in various cities across the globe. One of the most interesting activities that make summer all the worthwhile is summer sports.

Summer sports include football, swimming, golf, athletics, basketball and the summer Olympic Games. Nothing beats watching a live game with the best view of the playing field or arena. With the crowding and rush for tickets and accommodation, it is best to get familiar with some of the best summer sports venues.

Wimbledon Centre

For the live experience, you have to book a ticket to watch the game at the stadium or arena where the summer sport is being played.Undoubtedly if you are a tennis fan, you will definitely want to watch the semis or finals at the Wimbledon Centre in England. This superb centre venue hosts up to 15,000 fans and has a huge roof that shields fans from the effects of weather.

Madison Square Garden

Dating back to 1890, The Madison Square Garden has held some of the biggest historic sporting events. It is cited as the world’s best arena due to its highly accessible location, right at the heart of Manhattan, in New York City. The venue is recognised to hold the National Basketball Association (NBA) games with one of the local teams participating – the New York Knicks – attracting a huge audience.

Wembley Stadium

Football summer tournaments (World Cup, Euros, Afcon, Copa America, etc.) are real thrillers to watch. In London, the Wembley Stadium is famous for offering the ultimate live sports experience for revellers who enjoy the beautiful game. The iconic stadium can hold about 90, 000 soccer fans and has spectacular views for fans during games. The venue also has modern utilities including huge screens across the stadium and a well-lit arch that enhances the view at night.