Tips for beginner to get started playing tennis

It is obvious that you can play tennis in any season, if you have an indoor court near you. However, it’s even better to play outdoors where you can enjoy the sun, breath in the fresh air while competing.
That’s probably why tennis is on the list of sports in Summer Olympics and most of the world popular tournaments take place in summer (from May to September), including the U.S. Open, the French Open and Wimbledon.

So, why don’t you start your summer with some sets of tennis. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to get started.

1. Buy some good equipment
No matter how serious you are about playing tennis, you should invest in a good pair of rackets and shoes. If you are a beginner, you might think that all rackets are the same, but actually they are not. Tennis rackets are designed with distinct materials to suit different kinds of players and playing styles. Each type of materials will greatly affect the feeling of the racket, in turn, affecting the game.
So take your time, do some research and try out some rackets to find a racket that best suits you and your game.

2. Take tennis lessons

Beginner definitely should take tennis lessons from a professional trainer. Someone knowledgeable of the game would help teach you proper technique from the get-go. For beginner, it is really important as this will help you improve quicker and prevent you from injuries!

3. Learn the rules
You don’t need to learn all the rules as a professional player to master the game, but learning the rules will make it more fun, especially when you start to compete with other couples.
And you don’t actually need to learn the rules from guide book or anything, you just need to watch professional tennis. It is much more practical and entertaining. Furthermore, you’ll also see what your shots are supposed to look like.

4. Practice, practice, and practice
Yes. The more you practice, the quicker you can master the game.
Tennis is a tough sport to learn and it might take some time to develop the muscle memory needed to hit your strokes. You should take a weekly lesson in the beginning, and then practice 1 or 2 days a week to reinforce what you’ve learned.