Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories (Part 3)


Areas it works: Legs, butt, and core

Why it works: An intense cardio exercise that adds to running, soccer works some of the largest muscles groups in our body, including quads, hamstrings, and calves while running, and moving laterally from side to side, or even in zigzag directions. As we follow the ball around the field, the muscles around the hips — both adductors and abductors— get toned. That lateral movement is crucial for runners, as that area tends to be weaken from moving forward in only one direction. Soccer is also a great summer sport to practice with an optimal heart rate zone, when your body is working at a high calorie-burning level. Using an activity monitor with built-in GPS and heart rate tracking, will help monitor and keep track of steps and distance covered.

Calories burned: 450


Areas it works: Shoulders, back, core, and legs

Why it works: Golf impacts a lot of the main muscle groups and provides a bonus workout for your brain which help burn more calories, especially if you opt to walk the course rather than riding in a golf cart. Not only will your legs toned walking quite the significant distance from an average five to six miles covered 18-hole course, but you’ll burn extra calories as carrying your own gear.

Calories burned: 300


Areas it works: Arms, chest, back, shoulders, legs, and core

Why it works: If you’re really looking for summer sports that is fun rather than being pressured to changes, swimming is the ultimate winner. You’re way less tired when you’re in the water, and the buoyancy of the water itself helps you feel like you are stronger for longer periods of time. But don’t be fooled—swimming is a full-body workout, especially breast and butterfly swimming. To up the ante, incorporate tools like hand paddles and pull buoys to force your body burn more calories.

Calories burned: 400