Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories (Part 3)


What parts it works: Legs, butt, and core

Why it works: Appropriate for all fitness levels, hiking is a perfect date idea or family-friendly activity. People can choose to hike through the various canyons (Runyon is a favorite for many celebrities), and tackling a route with a big elevation change will not be too hard on the joints while making all muscles groups work hard. To check whether you’re at an ideal calorie-burning pace, use a heart rate monitor or trying the talk test. In case you can talk intermittently and communicate just a few words between each breath, you’re at a good pace, but if you can easily communicate with the whole sentences, you ready should pick up the pace; if you can barely squeak out a few words, you may want to slow down.

Calories burned: 300

Water Polo

What parts it works: Legs, shoulders, back, butt, and core

Why it works: whenever you have a big backyard bash, gather the troops to play a sport they’ve probably never played before. Not only will your muscles on legs, butt, and core get a workout from all the water you’ll be doing many other parts (do the eggbeater kick, where your one leg rotates clockwise while the other moves counter-clockwise, to be the most efficient one in the water), and your shoulders and back will be trained too as you use one arm to pass, catch, and shoot the ball into the other team’s goal.

Calories burned: 580


What parts it works: Legs, butt, shoulders, back, arms, and core

Why it works: Whether your dream to have a body that look fierce and fabulous. Once you pick up the outfit that shows off your personality best (admit it, there aren’t many sports that let one look so dam sexy while work like a boss), setting the pace of your court workout high is what’s going to really level up your calorie burn. In other words, casually hitting the ball back and forth with your partner is going to do much, especially an intense singles or doubles game.

Calories burned: 400