Archery Rules for Beginners

  1. Some Intro Rules You Should Know About

Archery is player by adults and children all over the world, and when everyone follows specific safety precautions, it can be a very fun, very safe recreational activity.

With that in mind, there are some rules you’ll want to keep in mind at all times which include, but are not limited to the following:

Always Play by the Rules of Your Range. Different range has different rules, and you need to study them and follow them;

Always Shoot with Proper Form. Archery is a sport of repetition—if you are not shooting properly, you can be injured severely over time;

Wear Appropriate Clothing. In other words, AVOID wear clothing that can interfere with your shot, and injure you or other people. Loose clothing, loose jewelry and open-toed shoes are no-nos, and you’ll need to tied up your hair, especially long hair.

Wear Appropriate Protective Gear. Including arm guards, bow releases, helmet and other stuffs that your range requires.

Damaged Gear is Dangerous. Using arrows that are broken or damaged are dangerous; hence, you must always check your bow to ensure it’s in tip-top shape;

Avoid Dry Fire Your Bow. It is an archery term refers to the act of pulling the string and shooting without placing an arrow in. Avoid doing so can protect the bow from damaging.

Only Aim at the Target. Always shoot  with the idea that you’ll hit at the target, so only aim at it, and never point the bow and arrows at anything you wouldn’t want to hit.

Great… Now Where Should You Go to Learn Archery?

Archery Ranges: The Easiest Way to Get Started​ with 

hands-on experience and professional guidance. Many ranges require learners to take an introductory safety class to quickly learn the proper way to hold a bow, draw, aim, and so on. You’ll be thrilled to know what a single session will do for you. After which, you might walk into the range a novice, and probably have hit the target and feel pretty great about yourself.​