The Most Watched Summer Sports

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Every year, sports fans are treated to a spectacular series of summer games. An event like the Summer Olympics (quadri-annual) occurs for a period of 17 days filled with all manner of competitive shows with so much drama. There are over 300 sporting events that cut across 28 sports. Apart from the spectators on the ground, there are millions who enjoy the games right from their homes, local bars or cafes and other entertainment sports. In 2018, the Summer Olympics was said to have attracted an audience of over 2 billion viewers worldwide. There are other competitions that take place every year.

In both cases, particular sporting events have become favourites for the masses globally.


Athletics is an all the time favourite for sports fans with men’s and women’s races being followed closely. Despite its many events, fans are glued race after race to support their favourite individual athletes and teams. Some of the famous races include the 100-metre race that has seen athletes like Usain Bolt debut as the fastest man on earth.


Swimming also attracts quite a considerable crowd with millions looking forward to the synchronized swimming and also the individual swimming marathons. In the 2016 Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps won the semi-final in the 200-meter butterfly race becoming one of the greatest swimmers. He is now popularly known as ‘The Fish,’ becoming one athlete no sports fan wants to miss.


This sport entails artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline gymnastics. This is one sport where women are watched mainly for their execution of athletic strength and technique, breeding a lot of suspense in viewers. A 43-year-old gymnast, Oksana Chusovitina once stunned viewers by competing at 7 Olympic events. The American female gymnastics team also stars with its consecutive wins over the years of participating in summer competitions.