Tennis lessons for beginners (part 4)

Getting Points
Welcome back beginners. We know that you have been practicing and loved the game. Now it’s time to get more serious. In this part, we will let you know how to keep track of points during your rallies:
1. If you hit the ball and it lands on or inside all of the boundary lines, you get a point.
2. If you hit the ball and it bounces twice within all of the boundary lines before returned, you get a point.
3. If you served a ball and it bounces within the service box boundary lines and is not returned, you get a point. In case, the served ball bounced and is not touched at all, it’s called an “Ace” and you are automatically entitled to one week of bragging rights.
4. If you hit a ball into the net or your racquet at any point hits the net, that’s a point for your opponent.
5. You will get a point and serve the next game if your opponent “double faults” on their serve.
6. You will get a lucky bounce and a point if you hit the ball to the net during a point but it still falls over and in on the other side. However, be a good sportsman and give your opponent a quick apology!

A+ Service: Good serve!
In tennis, a good serve is the first shot of the game and is very important as it can be a “game changer” and the player that is serving the game is expected to win the game. Here’s how serving works:
1. To start off, one player serves the ball from the deuce (right) side of the court behind the baseline crosscourt into the service box on the other side of the net.
2. This server then serves the entire game alternating from the deuce side to the advantage side. Each player will get to serve an entire game from their respective sides before switching ends of the court
3. If your first serve hits the net, bounces out of bounds, or lands in bounds but on the next court, you get another try. If the same thing happens, your opponent is awarded a point.
4. If your ball grazes the top of the net, but still lands in-bounds crosscourt, you get to serve again.