Tennis lessons for beginners (part 2)

Stroke of genius: How to rally like a professional player

As you now know how to properly hold your racquet, let’s learn some basic strokes and be ready to rally like a pro. First, you should know that rally is a sequence of continuous shots of ball between players.

Forehand is when you hit the ball on your dominant side. First, pivot your feet, hips and shoulders towards your dominant side then pull the racquet backward and swing forward from low to high. The racquet will hit the ball over your opposite shoulder so make sure it faces the target for the length of the stroke.

Backhand is when you hit the ball on your non-dominant side. At first, turn your feet, hips and shoulders towards your non-dominant side, then pull the racquet backward by both hands and swing it forward from low to high hitting the tennis ball. Remember avoid snapping your wrists with the strokes.

Volley is a short and quick shot hit the ball from the net or anywhere on the court before it bounces on the ground. To do a volley, you first keep the feet shoulder width apart while stand about three feet from the net and hit the ball.  Volley requires a lot of agility and quick reflexion so avoid swinging your racquet but hit the ball like a punch or even a light tap.

Serve is the overhead tennis shot to start a point. To do a serve, players should lightly toss the ball into the air, as the ball is rising drop the racquet behind you and hit the ball as it reaches its highest point by extending the racquet overhead. Also, be cautious to keep your feet behind the baseline.

Now you have got the basic about tennis, let continue the session next week by finding out how to calculate points.