Swim Equipments to Help your Pool Workout

If you are tired of running on the treadmill, doing press-ups or lifting heavy weights, think about switching the gym for swimming. Swimming is a non-weight, resistance exercise, that put next to no stress on the body but affect the whole body and isolate some specific muscles group that need strengthening. It also builds power and strength the upper body. Swimming is a fantastic whole-body workout, exercising both lower body as well as upper body.

If you’re interested in swimming, these are some recommended equipment for you to get started.

Pull Buoy

The Pull Buoy might help increase strength in the chest, back and shoulders. It works by placing the Pull Buoy between the legs elevates and supports them, allows swimmers to focus on arm technique of any swim strokes. Pull Buoy can also be paired with the hand paddles to increase workload.

Hand Paddles

Hand paddles leverage the resistance of the water to build strength and power in upper body part including arms, lats and shoulders. They can add an extra load to the workout resulting in improved conditioning, combining ability and stroke speed. They are designed to help swimmers recognize stroke flaws to improve.

When using hand paddles it is critical that players practice warm up exercise before using them so that they are at a good pace before swimming. Swimmer can use the hand paddles up to a third of the swim before warming down! It’s might feel like nothing as soon as you finish swimming, but you will feel it the next morning. Be aware that when using hand paddles for the first time, you should start with a smaller size and work your way up gradually to larger versions.

Moreover before using them, do get some guidance on how to use them properly as they can cause severe injury if not used correctly.