Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories (Part 1)

With warm weather approaching, there are more chances to speed up your workout. Bust out of your gym routine and try these fun summer sports that’ll test your muscles and increase your calorie burn like hell.

Rock Climbing

What it works: Whole body

Why it’s working: If you want to work all muscle groups in your body—and literally mean every single one of them—rock climbing is ideal sport. From your fingers to your toes, both core, butt, and legs, no muscle groups are left behind. Get ready to hit the great outdoors to cover a challenge route? Professional trainers recommend trying bouldering at your local rock climbing gym before actually doing it to avoid possible harness. At the same time, and you get to practice moving across various terrain while attracting to the wall. As soon as you can hold onto the wall and stay close to it, even if they’re easiest routes, then you’re ready to go outside. Just remember to take it down a notch in level of difficulty from what you master in the gym until you’re more comfortable with the outdoor environment, and always go with someone who knows how to climb and is comfortable with the route you’re taking.

Calories burned: 700

All calorie estimations based on a 30-year-old woman, 5’5″ in height and 140 pounds, practice the sport for one hour.

Beach Volleyball

What it works: Legs, butt, shoulders muscles, and core

Why it’s working: There are reasons for getting rock-hard abs – beach volleyball put a ton of power on your core as you hit the ball hard, pass accurately, and move quickly. Add some weight to all of that and you automatically take your workout to even more intense levels, as it’s just plain moving in the soft stuff. Working in plyometrics will useful in providing the explosive power you need to get those mad jumps up at the net, and Pilates is a good way to get that core strength needed to hit the ball down or pass it on your opponent’s’ side. Besides, playing this summer sport basically helps you automatically look stunning in a bikini.

Calories burned: 500