Summer sports in the beach you should try (Part 1)

In the summer vacation, people tend to go the beach to sightseeing. It’s great when immersing the pure wind from the ocean or enjoy some beach sports which only are played in the beaches.

Today we will share top summer sports you should try in the beach. It’s better to make your trip more meaningful by outside activities as followings:

1, Beach volleyball

As normal though, beach volleyball is referred firstly when referring to beach sports. The fact, it’s favorited when coming to the beach because the rule is simple and players are easy to select enough members into two groups and start the game.

Beach volleyball also becomes an official game applied to international summer Olympics, so you can understand its popularity.

Besides benefits for improvement muscles, beach volleyball is a good way to burn a lot of calories when you run in the beach continuously. So, you have a fit body after the trip with this game.

2, Racket game

It is also familiar with beach tennis. It’s great to enjoy this game with your partner in the beach. 

The only accessory you need to prepare for this game is a ball made of rubber and a pair of wooden racket which helps you to arrange ball with your partner. They are small, so you are easy to pack it in your baggage.

Racket game brings not only benefits for health and body part when running up and down in usual, but also connect your relationship with your partner well.

3, Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)

If you want to discover more about the sea, you should try SUP.

Although it requires more skills like how to paddle boarding, how to stand on the board stably, it is a wonderful experience about the life in the sea.

Your body also keeps fit when practicing it.