Popular Summer Mountain Sports (Part 2)


Trekking is one of the relatively less adventurous mountaineering activities. Experience the high alpine air and the beautiful natural scene while you climb up high and discover the mountain’s more concealed areas.

Trekking mainly requires carrying gear around when hiking. It is usually a long journey and is a form of climbing on top of the mountain for the beginners. Trekking is usually done in groups, and people build shelters or mountain huts to stay if the trekking is long. It is also considered as backpacking and bushwalking.


Also widely known as rappelling, abseiling involves vertically descending from a high and steep terrain (such as a cliff or a rock face) by using a rope. Abseiling is considered dangerous and is the opposite of trekking since it involves going down instead of going up. Many people believe it easy because it does not bring any fatigue and one does not get bored and tired easily. However, climbing downhill need a certain skill because once slips, they will make a very bad injury to the bottom which may result in numerous injuries and fatal accidents.

To keep it safe, a rope is usually checked and tied around the body so that even if someone slips, they are safe and can continue the journey.

Camping Trip

A camping trip in the mountains enables you and your friends and family to explore the nature up close. Experience “roughing it” in the mountains by fetching water, cooking food over a woodfire, collecting mountain berries at a nearby forest and many similar activities, by yourself. This might not exactly be a sport, but it is definitely one of the best mountain activities that one could involve in. It seems funny and easy because it takes you back to the time where you have to find food, fire, water, and other stuff that were not available in the mountains. One should always bring the necessary equipment such as tents, mosquito repellants, sleeping bags, bulbs, and any power supplies to charge their mobile devices. Camping is quite famous in almost all countries of the world.