Popular Summer Mountain Sports (Part 1)

Despite the growing of technology, people still enjoy outdoor activities. This is due to the excitement that outdoor sports give, and one of them is indulging in different types of mountain sports. In fact, technology has made these sports even more exciting and safer than ever, by improving mountaineering gear. Here are the mountain sports and activities that are famous during the summer season.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing began during the latter part of the 19th century, and over the decades this sport has become more and more advanced. It is one of the integral parts of mountaineering in which players climb on an inclined rock surface with or without any supporting gear. It really puts works on your muscles and determination to conquer the top, and once you make it to the top, the feeling of success is incredible. Rock climbing is believed to be quite dangerous because there is a high risk of accident. It is essential that one uses the right protection gear and equipment in order to have a safe rock climbing experience.

There are four types of rock climbing, including Aided, Freestyle, Bouldering, and Solo. Aided rock climbing means protection gear is repeatedly placed on the ascent. It is used when it is impossible or extremely difficult to get to the top with a freestyle climb. The freestyle climb means that the climber must depend mainly on his own strength and skills to reach the top with or without assistance of a top belay system. Bouldering is a type of climbing in which climbing is not done on a high mountain terrain but on a short and set-specified route. Lastly, solo climbing is the type of climb without the assistance of any belay devices.

Beginners can begin training with indoor wall climbing, and when they have mastered the technique, they may want to move on to climb a real rock face.