Major rules in water polo

What is your favorite game in the summer? It’s great when jumping in the water and happy with friends. Water polo is a good teamwork sport for your reference.

If you are concerning whether how to play water polo, you should follow our article. We will discuss major rules in this game. Once you learn by heart all following rules, you can be competent it easily.

1, Purpose of water polo

If you are a fan of football, you will see some similar points between them. However, the outstanding different is location. While football should be played in the grass ground, water polo only is active in the water. So, you need more power to keep this game during 30 minutes. Assure that it wastes more energy because you have to burn more calories and pressure to move or run in water.

In general, the major purpose is to score a goal by throwing ball into the opposing team’s net. There are some rules to accept throwing ball legally, we can discuss later. But we can summarize about purpose of water polo.

Once your team make more scores than the opposition team legally, winning will belong to your team. However, players can score many goals in one water polo match, the highest even over 20 goals while football is more difficult to reach so many goals like water polo.

2, Accessories

Before starting this game, you should prepare some equipment as well accessories.

About equipment, you only need a swimming pool with enough length for two teams movements comfortable, two nets and a ball. Per team will protect a net and prevent the opposing team to throw ball correctly inside net.

About accessories for player, it requires simple swimsuits or trunks comfortably.

The fact, man usually wear trunks while woman will use a basic swimsuit. Besides it, players should prepare for swimming cap or googles to protect your hair and eyes during the game.