Major rules in water polo (Final part)

Here we continue to share major rules in water polo which is a favorited water sport for all of age. 

From the previous articles, we refer rules to make scores, the number of players and how to win. Now, we should discuss detail about simple rules for all matches.

  • About dimension of the swimming pool: it should be 30×20 m and at least depth of 2m. this playing area is suitable to move and run during an interval.
  • Per team has publicized 13 official players before the match. There are 7 official players to be ready on the field, including 6 players and 1 goalie. The rest will be spare in replacement.
  • Expect two goalies can use two hand to prevent ball when ball is within 5m of their goal. Other players only use one hand to hold or throw ball to others.
  • In one water polo game, there are four quarters lasting 8 minutes. Finishing one quarter is a two-minute break. In this break time, players can rest, drink water or discuss strategies with their coach. It’s acceptable.
  • Thereare two ways to move ball upfield. Players can swim and keep ball in front of them or pass it to their teammates. It looks similar like football.
  • As the strict rule, players can’t touch the bottom of pool if not they will make a mistake. Or swimming or treading water during the quarter. This rule requires players to keep durable energy and power to maintain during 8 minutes.
  • Onceplayer owns ball, they only allow to keep it within 30 seconds and without shooting at the opponent’s goal.
  • A goal valuates one point. It’s only legal when players comply with above rules about keeping ball or movement. After 4 quarter, which team has more points, they will win. In case two team remains tied, they will play a shootout to decide which team is winner.
  • Foulscan be made up by orfinary and major fouls. In one match, per player has the right to break 3 times of fouls. Overcoming this number, they are excluded the game.