Archery Guide for Beginners

The true value of a range is giving players the essential equipment to shoot for a few hours such as rent a bow of your size specifications, the arrows that match the bow to shoot targets at the appropriate distance. All that is worth the price of admission, because helping beginners to get the right equipment can be quite difficult.

So where is your nearest range? Luckily, there are fantastic site such as Archery 360 which is a run by the Archery Trade Association, with terrific database of archery ranges to inform you of the closest archery stores and ranges.​

If you do practise archery, the site will become your favorite place which allow you to access to archery leagues and amazing classes with like-minded people who can share with you a lot about target shooting and hunting. For many people, the range is initially a place to learn, and quickly develop to be a place to network and hang out with friends.

On-Your-Own Learning​

If you learn as much as possible about archery on your own, there are some fantastic sites dedicated to archery such as Archery 360 as mentioned above, Youtube, Google, Reddit, etc.

Archery 360 with excellent how-to videos, interviews with pros players and Olympians, amazing articles guiding which truly helps beginners go from 100% green to capable archers.

Videos on YouTube with thousands of in-depth, helpful videos about equipment, form, as well as style, etc. that is hugely difference from dry archery teachers out there. 

The “Archery” subreddit at with advices from various archery snobs that are super-nice and super-helpful. Moreover, it’s updated every day for latest trend updated.

So now you know about the archery equipments including bows, arrows, the benefits of a range, and where you can get more information to develop your skills. We hope you are excited as you’re off to a great start!

Still to become a truly pro, it takes time to practise, a lot of practise. However, in the meantime, welcome to the wonderful world of archery! We hope you will gain as much joy and satisfaction as possible.