Archery for Beginners: How to Get Started (Part 2)

Which Type of Bow Should Beginners Use?​

In fact, that’s totally up to you! If you prefer compound bows, use it; if you like recurve bows, begin with a recurve bow. There’s no absolute answer— there are many archers use both over the course of their lives.

As we mentioned earlier, people who are interested in target archery frequently start with recurve bows, which are invented to enhance form and accuracy. Meanwhile, people like bowhunting generally begin with compound bows, which are built to offer short and transportable through hunting environments, and shoot arrows that are fast and powerful.

But, there are plenty of target archers who join competitions with compound bows, and many of hunters who train extensively but use recurve bows made for hunting.

And, there are a LOT of people use both target archery and bowhunting, and shoot both recurves and compounds.

Bow Recommendations for New Archers

There are two main type of bows that being considered the best options for new archers.

For recurves, the Samick Sage Recurve Bow is the best as it’s easy to use, set up, and accessorize— archers can add a arrow rest and a bow sight without much effort and allow increase or decrease the strength of the bow, as well as easily remove the limbs and install new ones.

For compounds, the Genesis Original Kit​ is a good option for new archers of all ages, featuring an adjustable draw weight ranging from 8 to 25 pounds. It’s also very easy to use as compound bows can get pretty complicated although it’s made with some gear—a quiver, an arm guard, five aluminum arrows, and a hex wrench that can be adjusted the draw weight of the bow.

Although it is not strong enough for hunting as the activity requires a draw weight of 40 pounds or more while the maximum weight of Genesis Original’s is 25 pounds. Hence, if you’re a beginner seeking for a hunting bow, you can choose the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit which is durable, made with a lot of gear, and has an adjustable draw weight that exceed 40 pounds.