3 Reasons Why You Should Try Beach Volleyball for summer

Summer is a favorite season for activities outside. In the summer, people also like going to the beach. Enjoy the cold underwater and keep in peaceful mind. It’s a great time to relax and enjoy the life.

If you are planning to go the beach for this summer, I recommend that you should try beach volleyball with your family or your friend group. It makes your vacation more interesting. Why? Following this article to see 3 reasons for enjoy beach volleyball.

1/ It burns calories

You still follow up doing exercise every day, so you feel worried that having a trip to summer can’t miss your exercise. No solution is playing volleyball.

When you are in the sand, your leg feel hard to move or run faster. So to catch up with the ball, you have to use more energy. Accidentally, it helps you to burn more calories.

According to the research, one hour on playing beach volleyball can burn up to 484 calories which is the same as practicing one hour in the gym.

2/ It is a full-body workout


By playing volleyball, your body become more fitness and perfect because this exercise is for full-body workout. You have to combine your arms, shoulders, legs and chest to bump or jump even run away the ball. Besides it, you also use your core to keep balanced the body. So all part on body are use flexibly. Believe that your body become more durable and stable after finishing the summer vacation.

3/ It doesn’t feel like “working out”

As above referred, playing volleyball can be useful for your full-body workout. But difference from other pro exercise in gym or yoga which you are in tension to meet skills and requirements, coming to volleyball, you can forget about how hard you’re working or how many minutes you’ve been playing. It’s natural and exciting to enjoy.